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Hair Bow - Korkers
In the past, Bows for Best Friends has only provided hair bows, but now we have found the perfect korker. These korkers are full of ribbon and have a perfect shape. You will not find a more perfect korker anywhere and you will fall in love with these the once you receive your first order. These korkers are designed and manufactured by Ashley Abbot, a new member of the Bows for Best Friends team.
Products List
Hair Bow - Create your own Korker

Create your own Korker
Hair Bow - All Blues Korker

All Blues Korker
Hair Bow - April Showers Korker

April Showers Korker
Hair Bow - Blue Argyle Korker

Blue Argyle Korker
Hair Bow - Blue/White Korker

Blue/White Korker
Hair Bow - Brown/Blue Korkers

Brown/Blue Korkers
Hair Bow - Brown/Pink Korkers

Brown/Pink Korkers
Hair Bow - Chocolate strawberry Korker

Chocolate strawberry Korker
Hair Bow - Country Club Korker

Country Club Korker
Hair Bow - Green Argyle Korker

Green Argyle Korker
Hair Bow - Halloween Korker

Halloween Korker
Hair Bow - Hot Pink / Chartreuse Green Korkers

Hot Pink / Chartreuse Green Korkers
Hair Bow - Lollipop Green Korker

Lollipop Green Korker
Hair Bow - Lollipop Pink

Lollipop Pink
Hair Bow - Lollipop Purple Korker

Lollipop Purple Korker
Hair Bow - Lollipop Turquoise Korker

Lollipop Turquoise Korker
Hair Bow - Lollipop Watermelon Korker

Lollipop Watermelon Korker
Hair Bow - May Showers Korker

May Showers Korker
Hair Bow - Multi-colored Fall Korker

Multi-colored Fall Korker
Hair Bow - Multi-colored Korker

Multi-colored Korker
Hair Bow - Party Korker

Party Korker
Hair Bow - Pink and Chocolate Korker

Pink and Chocolate Korker
Hair Bow - Pink Camo Korker

Pink Camo Korker
Hair Bow - Purple and White Korker

Purple and White Korker
Hair Bow - Red/White Korker

Red/White Korker
Hair Bow - Solid Maize Korker

Solid Maize Korker
Hair Bow - Spring Fling Korker

Spring Fling Korker
Hair Bow - Spring Mix

Spring Mix
Hair Bow - White and Shocking Pink Organza Korker

White and Shocking Pink Organza Korker
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